Taking property management from air to action.

Technology doesn’t look the same as it did 50 years ago, so why are commercial property inspections still being handled the same way? We are disrupting the industry by integrating drone technology into the property management marketplace in ways nobody even knew was possible. Until now.


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Apply for your Part 107 UAS Waivers.

Applying for Part 107 waivers can be confusing. Our platform steps you through the process.

is an essential tool to help Remote Pilots prepare, organize, and track all your waiver requests. Once stored, you can duplicate applications for future requests.

This is the platform needed to keep your FAA Waiver applications organized. We make it easy with our templates and management system.


UAS Night Ops App

Already have a waiver to fly your drone at night?

If you have already been approved for a 107.29 waiver to fly your drone at night, then you have agreed to have your entire flight crew logged training on night vision considerations.

Our App helps you do exactly that. We present 20 multiple choice or true/false questions to check and educate a person about night vision UAS considerations.

Once completed your flight crew member will receive a certificate of completion, logging the date and time as required by the FAA.


About Contour View Technologies

Contour View Technologies has created a whole new opportunity for property managers to view information about their properties. They can better plan for maintenance and repairs, significantly reduce costs, and enhance returns for building owners. All while keeping inspectors safer in the process.

Our platform begins with automated machine data, such as that provided by a drone, and generates a geocentric view of the environment. How high is the roof? What is its slope? What condition is it in? The images and data are then uploaded to our platform, where our team performs an analysis to classify and associate geocentric data from a variety of sources.

However, hosting and processing property information is only part of the solution. In order to support the entire workflow process, a variety of support services will be needed. With that consideration in mind, our portal includes a number of valuable features including:

  • FAA waiver portal to ensure FAA compliance (e.g., special permission is required before flying a drone at night to collect infrared imagery or for properties near airports)
  • Online training and tracking to support the in-house pilot or individuals who are interested in expanding their knowledge about the drone’s capacity, processes or analyzing its results
  • Mass data storage and delivery to store uncharacteristically large files containing the information and images collected by the drone
  • Data analysis and reporting to provide uniform and repeatable results that assist contractors and property managers in their decision-making
  • Inspection process and workflow management support to ensure roof deficiencies are addressed and proper maintenance schedules are followed
  • Communications hub to coordinate with contractors, consultants, and property management
  • Marketplace access to services and supplies to support the entire process
  • Mobile app to provide geo-centric data access providing pinpoint accuracy for in-field operations

The end result is a platform in which CVT transforms property and building information into personalized, actionable reports that allows property managers to analyze the building over time with uniform and repeatable inspections. Data can be exchanged with other platforms to facilitate communications that coordinate geo-referenced actions. By combining drone technology with the internet of things, CVT can streamline workflow processes and increase property management efficiencies.


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